Our mission is to build on Notting Hill Carnival's continuing successes to produce a spectacular and safe Notting Hill Carnival 2018.


As official organisers we undertake to:

Efficiently co-ordinate, support and facilitate the multiple events that make up Notting Hill Carnival.

Honour, Protect and Promote the heritage of Carnival.

Re-invigorate ‘Children’s Day’.

Promote the Carnival Art Forms, facilitating and disseminating the delight and inspiration that Notting Hill Carnival provides.

Deliver an event of immense value both culturally and economically.


Create robust and accountable internal organisation and infrastructure. 

Effectively work with the local community, strategic partners, stakeholders, relevant agencies and bodies.

Protect and increase audience reach and engagement.

Implement practical and lasting measures to improve on the performers’ and public’s experience.


Company bodies


Carnival Village Trust

Established in 2007, Carnival Village Trust or C.V.T. is a registered charity that is located in the heart of Notting Hill’s remarkable and diverse community.

As London’s development agency for Carnival Arts, C.V.T. has championed the traditional Caribbean carnival art forms that spawn the artistic expression at the epicentre of Europe’s largest street event: Notting Hill Carnival. 

C.V.T. is an independent organisation receiving primary funding from Arts Council England (“A.C.E.”) and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (“R.B.K.C.”) to deliver an integrated programme of carnival arts across two venues: The Tabernacle and the The Yaa Centre.

C.V.T. operates all year round delivering a diverse programme of Carnival Arts and African Caribbean events including workshops, classes, theatre productions, music performance, dance performance, mas band launches, book launches, art and photographic exhibitions, comedy and film. C.V.T. aims to deliver artistic productions and educational programs of high standard, seeking to expand the boundaries of Carnival Arts and promote their delivery to a wide and diverse audience.

The Tabernacle also hosts a restaurant and bar and serves as a communal hub for the local community – a home from home. Both venues offer dedicated and well-equipped arts spaces for hire at subsidised rates. For generations these two venues have been central spaces for the operational coordination and artistic showcasing of the Notting Hill Carnival and its artistic expressions as well as being the base, meeting place and registered addresses of the five Carnival Arts arenas and previous Carnival organisers – London Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust (“L.N.H.C.E.T.”).

For further info on C.V.T. and its activities please visit: http://carnivalvillage.org.uk/

Click below to view C.V.T.’s Notting Hill Carnival 2018 proposal document in full:


Notting Hill Carnival Ltd

After a successful bid to be the official organisers of Notting Hill Carnival 2018, C.V.T. incorporated Notting Hill Carnival Ltd. on January 8th 2018.  Notting Hill Carnival Ltd will develop, create and implement the structure and strategy to deliver on all that is set out in the C.V.T. bid for N.H.C. 2018. 


Executive Director:
Matthew Phillip

Tara Hobson

P.A. to Directors:
Kiana Williams

Alison Thomas

Head of P.R. & Comms
Mia Maugé

Comms Manager
Nadia Valeri


Ansel Wong

Allyson Williams
Sonny Blacks
Clive Phillip
Fiona Hawthorne
Debra Ann Eden
Katie Segal
Debi Gardner
Linett Kamala


NHC Board:

Ian Comfort

Imani Douglas-Walker
Ansel Wong
Haroun Shah
Pamela Baker