Advisory Council
Terms of Reference


The Council is established to support the Board of Directors (“the Board”) in the delivery of its vision for a successful, safe and spectacular Carnival, helping to fulfil its mission to harness the energy of carnivalists and local communities, and enable Notting Hill Carnival Ltd to be an effective and trustworthy organiser of the Notting Hill Carnival.

The Council will be responsible to the Board to engage in collaborative planning to achieve the following objectives:

Protect and promote the heritage of the Carnival

Make performers, artists and all communities integral to the planning, management and delivery of the event

Prioritise Performance, Participation and Inclusion

Improve safety

Increase audience reach and engagement

Re-invigorate Children’s Day

Facilitate safe and suitable spaces and opportunities for performers and audiences

Introduce measures and plans to guarantee the smooth flow of performing units

Factor in compliance with targets, goals and agreements with the strategic partners and statutory and regulatory requirements


The Council shall comprise representatives of:

Carnival Arenas (5)

Local and Carnival Community (2)

Skills and Specialisms (3)

Pioneers (3)

The Council can co-opt up to two individuals whose experience and knowledge will maximise the diversity and capability of the Council.

The Council may invite anyone to its meetings who has a specific skill, knowledge or experience for specific agenda items.


The Board of Directors shall appoint the Chair of the Council  who will be in addition to the representative membership.  

The Council shall elect a vice chair from amongst its number.


The Council shall determine the frequency of its meetings. 

Meetings will be called at 7 days’ notice unless agreed otherwise by a majority of members of the Council.

An agenda will be provided in advance of each meeting. 

Meetings will  be minuted. The Board will provide a clerk to the Council who will provide administrative support.

The quorum required for a meeting is one third of the membership rounded up to the nearest whole number.

All documentation will be circulated electronically.

Key deliverables

The Council is responsible for advising the Board on all matters relating to the purpose including:

The artistic, financial and operational management of Carnival. 

Proposals for a secure, safe and sustainable model, operational plans and an artistic framework for Carnival.

Compliance with all regulations -statutory, advisory & good practice.

Due diligence and financial transparency.  

Management of supplier and personnel contracts, including training/induction and professional development programmes.

Development and delivery of all policies and practices, including equality, diversity & inclusion, safeguarding, health & safety and sustainability.

The steps needed to optimise the support and facilitation from sponsors, regulatory and public authorities.

Regular and structured opportunities to foster and maintain public and stakeholder engagement with everyone involved in or affected by Carnival.