Baque de Axé

THEME: The Spirit of Axé and Ogum

Baque de Axé (The Beat of Power) is London based Maracatu percussion and Carnival band.

We will be parading this year with our partner band Baque de Ogum, (The Beat of Ogum) based in Durham. We are both inspired by our links with ‘Nação do Maracatu Porto Rico’ a Maracatu community based in Recife, NE Brazil and will celebrate their unique history, heritage and culture through music and dance.

Maracatu is a carnival and percussion tradition derived from the Afro-Brazilian traditions preserved from the times of slavery through Candomble, the Afro-Brazilian religion, and is now the leading Carnival tradition in Recife, and is increasingly practiced around the rest of Brazil, and around the world. Baque de Axé was founded by our Band Leader Sam Alexander, who has recently spent six months in Brazil with Maracatu Porto Rico developing the new link programme. 

Baque de Axé is the latest incarnation of the Maracatu movement in London. Over the last 25 years Sam has formed and led Maracatu bands in London including Acorda Povo and Maracatu Estrela do Norte, performing regularly in the Notting Hill Carnival. Baque de Ogum is a Maracatu band based in Durham, and run as an integral part of a wide range of percussion activities focused on young people by community organization Jackdrum Arts.

A Baque de Ogum group has visited Recife for training and inspiration, and trainers from Maracatu Porto Rico have visited Durham. They have been performing in carnivals and Festivals in the North of England for over a year now.

Theme: In Afro-Brazilian tradition Axe is the power of the Gods, and Ogum is the god of Fire, Iron and War. We are “The Beat of Power” and “The Beat of Fire”. The Maracatu music we play embodies this tradition, inspired by our links with the Maracatu nation Porto Rico from Recife, with whom we are linked, and their Afro-Brazilian traditions.