Brother PJ

Hailing from Ladbroke Grove in West London, Brother PJ has been collecting music since the 80’s

And has been involved in DJing since the early 80’s and started a Soundsystem called First Choice formed in 84/85 after being influenced by the pioneering radio DJs and sound systems of that time such as Mastermind Roadshow, Rapattack Soul Sound, Freshbeat, Saxon Studio, Grandmaster Flash, Derek Boland, Steve Devonne and Dez Parkes to name but a few. He first got involved with radio briefly in 1988 on a local station called Confidence Radio and he has maintained good relations with the fellow DJs, music collectors and record dealers he met over the years. Brother PJ got more seriously involved with radio in 2003, getting his first taste of Internet radio and podcasting with a station called Global Grooving presenting a show called The Journey.

He then went on to present a show on a newly formed West London station in 2006 called Hot96 where he was one of the station’s founding DJs and presented a weekly show called The Upklose and Personal Show. 

Within this time, he contributed his spare time to a local radio station which is a part of a youth community centre Avenues Youth Project. He currently presents a weekly show on a station called Raw Soul Radio Live as well as working on various other music ventures. Brother PJ’s music policy is Soul, Funk and Jazz and all things Soulful. ‘Music Is the Best Therapy’