Whagwarn!! I go by the name of DeeCien, a 19-year old upcoming artist and one half of music duo ‘WxstFinest’ from west London.

My father, Chucky Banton (reggae artist from Trojan Records) inspired me to pick up the pen and start songwriting/rapping from the age of 11 and started taking music seriously at around 15. My artist name, ‘DeeCien’ consists of my nickname, (Dee) and the ‘Cien’ part (“a hundred” in Spanish) means that I put 100% into everything I do and love. Music pretty much is my life and defines me. It’s gotten me through the best and worst of times of life and I grew up listening to old school hip-hop, RnB and Reggae/Dancehall, full blast on my home sound system. 

I’ve always tested people to list five artists from West that are doing it big right now and every single person I’ve asked has struggled. This is the reason why you hear such versatility and barriers being broken in my music, because I’m here to change that. ‘WxstFinest’ & ‘DeeCien’. Memorise those two names because they are both on the come up.