Disya Jeneration


“The magic of carnival is the emancipation of the streets”

Carnival veterans Michael “Temps”, William “EQ Profile”, Keni “KD” and Linett “Thunderbird” together form the legendary Disya Jeneration sound system at Europe’s Notting Hill Carnival. Originally known as This Generation the crew has seen all the changes over the years, but still manage to remain at the forefront of Carnival each and every year.

The name Disya Jeneration is inspired by Bob Marley’s lyrics in ‘Redemption Song’ - “we forward inna this (disya) generation – triumphantly”, which reflects the importance the crew gives to Notting Hill Carnival’s history and culture.

For a third year running, Disya Jeneration will be partnering with the global online music platform Boiler Room to stream their contagious positive vibes live to wherever you are in the world. 

Expect to be entertained by unannounced top notch DJs and artists, as well as emerging talent making their debut appearance.  We play a mix and blend of all the new and old school vibes, party classics, mash ups as well as the biggest tunes that everyone loves to jump up to. 

There will be plenty of cocktails, fresh coconut water and home-style Caribbean food available all day for you to enjoy an ultimate Carnival Experience! Everyone who comes to party with us on Powis Terrace is considered to be a VIP, creating happy memories with friends and families or as the Disya Jeneration would say “Whatta life!”

Linett Kamala (August 2018)

Email: disya@jeneration.co.uk
Press / contact: l.k@d.jrtn.uk