G String

G String, (Garry Archer) has been performing in The ABC Calypso tent for the last ten years.

As an energetic and exciting performer, G String has brought his slant to the art-form of Calypso, being seen as a young witty artiste exchanging song and chorus with the audience and being a regular finalist. G string is the current ABC UK 2016 Calypso Monarch, Calypso King of the Tent 2015 and 2016 Calabash Calypso artist of the year 2015 and 2016. As a keen musician, Studio engineer and songwriter, G String is also an enthusiastic Pannist, Drummer and DJ and is often seen at events participating and performing in the different art forms, displaying his dexterity. G String is a philanthropist, currently developing Educational projects in West Africa in particular Gambia and Ghana. His Organisation “King Shumba Enterprise” works with communities, families and educational institutes offering advice, guidance and support networks to develop sustainable facilities. G string sees the role of the kaisonian or Griot as one of example of leading the troops and setting foundations for the future generations through various methods including passing on information, developing skills and raising awareness. 

His 2017 rendition “High Blood Pressure” is a witty masterpiece that describes a visit to the Doctor and the discussion that evolves focussing on terrorism through the eyes of the media, the cause and effect on the receiver and highlights the different levels and definition of terrorism as well as the outcome, which gives food for thought. His other Groovy Soca track “In Me Zone” is a hot and fast paced rendition looking at the joys of partying alone and feeling free to enjoy the fete with no holds barred! G String’s Calypso heroes include, The Might Sparrow, Lord Kitchener, Mighty Stalin and De Admiral, as well as Lord Canary a witty Calypsonian from Guyana who recently passed in October 2016. His Calypso phrase is ”G String Again “

Photo: Stephen Spark