Hotwax Carnival Group

THEME: Pirates of The Caribbean 

The Hotwax family, looked at what made our community so special. We wanted to celebrate how the seas and oceans carried our customs and traditions, far and wide across the globe. 

Where history becomes stories of legends, and legends become myths. This has been passed down through our generations. 

Yemaya was a river goddess of the Yoruba in Nigeria, far from the ocean. She was a nature spirit, an Orisha (a powerful guardian spirt) that reflects an important aspect of life for our people's. 

An Orishas manifest itself as a force of nature, and when her people were boarded onto slave ships Yemaya went with them, thus becoming Goddess of the Ocean. 

In her honour we represent her image and likeness through our children Mermaids, Merboys and Sirens. 

Throughout that time, history shows the 17th Century brought many to the Caribbean, setting sail on her majestic blue seas.  Traders, merchants, pirates and captains looking for their fortunes in jewels and commodities.  

During the Golden age of piracy, many men and women set sail on the Caribbean Sea as Captains to earn their fortune. 

Today we celebrate their adventurous spirit bringing you Hotwax Rum Cherry Crew - Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Founded in May 1979 by Dennis "Hotwax" George, originally a DJ service for Mas Bands Hotwax became  an independent band in 1993.

We promote the interests of individuals and groups who wish to contribute to the Notting Hill Carnival and similar masquarade events by:

  • Facilitating  as many people as possible to become masqueraders rather than spectators.
  • Promoting innovative carnival design and construction.
  • Providing an annual carnival camp in which the design and construction of costumes can be professionally achieved with proper attention to detail.

 They remain true to their grassroots and in addition to creating costumes, continue to run a thriving t-shirt band every year to promote inclusivity and accessibility within carnival.