Niko Da Dubh

Emcee and music producer. Professional career in the music industry spanning decades took him cross the ocean and to the continent.

Niko’s music career started in his early teens out of Ladbroke Grove. Notting Hill Carnival has been part of him all his life, being a DJ for the sound systems and played in a steel band as a youngstar. He was one part of a Hip Hop trio Cash Crew known for being in the forefront of releasing tracks highlighting challenging issues. They were the 1st to release Islamic Hip Hop track and the 1st Hip Hop group to release a song addressing environmental issues. 

His lyrics often hit where it hurts. Niko is an avid supporter of good causes for the local people of North Kensington. He has been involved with many projects over the years, teaching knowledge and working with young people. Also he facilitates various events, festivals and exhibitions of history, arts & music, commerce and health & wellbeing.