Rapattack Sound System

Location: All Saints Road, London W11

"Basically it all started and was all about putting on great parties, with great music for music lovin, funky people in this great city of London!"

Master MC This year Rapattack continues to highlight support for the Grenfell tragedy. Their official press release states: “We considered it only fitting to continue to pay tribute, therefore the system goes fully 'green for Grenfell in remembrance, as we party down to the now nationally recognised local motto: ?š "FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS" “Do remember, Rapattack is not just the official Grenfell Soundsystem. This SoundSystem (established in 1984) has its origins firmly rooted within the local NottingDale - Grenfell and Mangrove communities.

Multicultural messages of love and togetherness are deep and firmly rooted in this part of town”. Rapattack will highlight their musical theme of Peace, Love & Harmony, going back to their roots for a classic blend of chiefly ’70s, 80’s, 90’s vinyl (no CD's or computers, or mp3s allowed for DJ sets). So prepare to be thoroughly entertained with Soul, Jazz, Funk, House, Hip-Hop & Dance classics in representing UK club culture and the local community who support this popular crew.

Complete with a VIP area this flagship Carnival site is strictly favoured by the mature age group and their families. Listed in official Carnival literature as one of the places to be whether you consider yourself a party animal or simply just a good music lover, the atmosphere is electric.

Serving up a cocktail of sounds (from seventies funk to Brand New Heavies, Jamaraquai and Nelly, Madonna to Rihanna, Stevie Wonder to Justin Timberlake, De la Soul to Tinie Tempah etc, etc, etc), it's no wonder why this site is so popular.


Special celebrity guests and exclusive performances from the UK's top and underground DJ's are renowned. Year after year live impromptu PA’s from some of the world's top recording artistes have also proven to be a smash. If you love music, then this site is for you.

Whether it be the cross section of people and celebrities mingling in the open air crowd or reminiscing to your favourite golden oldies on the amazing 50,000watt stereo digital sound system- once you experience Rapattack at Carnival you're hooked. It is only then that you will appreciate why people come from all over Europe and return to this site year after year.

Rapattack's celebrated 50k sound system is a major attraction at the Notting Hill Carnival (Europe's biggest street festival). This year will be no exception! as they celebrate their 34th anniversary. Come and join the party. The Rapattack family will be spinning a delightful blend of classic soul, funk and popular dance party tracks ranging from the 70's to the present day. i.e. dropping everything from James Brown to current hits from the likes of Beyonce. Please visit the website for more details. http://rapattack.co.uk/carnival.html facebook.com/rapattacksoundsystem