UK National Panorama steelband competition

Saturday 25th August 2018
18:00-23:00 · Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park, W10 3DH

Throughout the year all across the UK steel bands have been rehearsing and fine tuning their skills for this very important date on the pan lovers’ calendar – one of the largest steel pan competitions outside of the Caribbean.

The UK National Panorama steelband competition sees eight bands play a ten minute composition from memory – no sheet music is allowed.

2018 Competing Bands:

London All Stars

Phase One
Southside Harmonics

Panorama competitions are traditionally open-air events and Notting Hill Carnival's Panorama is no exception. Watch the sun set, eat Caribbean street food and enjoy the sweet sound of pan while the steel bands get on with the serious business of impressing the judges. The steelbands will proudly hold their ranked titles until next year … when we do it all again.

2017 Champions:

1. Ebony Steelband (283 pts)

Composition: Far From Finished by Aaron “Voice” St Louis
Arranger: Duvone Stewart
Tuner: Dudley Dickson
Manager: Albert Faustine/Ashley Bullard
Captain: Chloe Iyayi

2. Metronomes Steel Orchestra (269 pts)

Composition: Full Extreme by Ultimate Rejects
Arranger: Leroy Clarke
Tuner: Toussaint Clarke
Manager: Eversley “Breeze” Mills
Captain: Vivian Miller

3. Mangrove Steel Band (266 pts)

Composition: Full Extreme by Ultimate Rejects
Arranger: Andre White
Tuner: Birch Kelman
Manager: Matthew Phillip
Captain: Andrew Facey

4. Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra (237 pts)

Performing: Rumble in the Jungle by Amrit Samaroo
Arranger: Eustace Benjamin
Tuner: Tony Charles
Manager: Julian Gibbs
Captain: Julian Gibbs

5. Endurance Steel Orchestra (227 pts)

Performing: Good Morning by Peter Ram
Arranger: Marlon Hibbert
Tuner: Grafton Yearwood & Toussaint Clarke
Captain: Aaron Williams
Manager: Marlon Hibbert

6. Croydon Steel Orchestra (227 pts)

Performing: Good Morning by Peter Ram
Arranger: Brent ‘Antics’ Holder
Tuner: Emerline ‘Bacchanal’ Lemmerman
Manager: Paul Dowie

7. Phase One Steel Orchestra (227 pts)

Performing: Hold That Pan Stick by Kyle Noel
Arranger: Stephon Phillip
Tuner: Victor Phillip
Manager: Beverly Phillip
Captain: JJ Mattu

“Notting Hill Carnival’s Panorama evening set the standard for the weekend.”