Vincy Alliance Mas

THEME: The Promised Land

Vincy Alliance Mas launched in 2012 when it was identified that European Citizens were not aware of our small Caribbean island St. Vincent & The Grenadines in the streets of Notting Hill.

 As a Mas band we have grown progressively over years attracting masquerader’s from all over the world. We have a friendly welcoming team who work endlessly to ensure our masqueraders have a fantastic time on the road with us for Notting Hill Carnival. Vincy Alliance Mas will take centre stage at this year’s event, with their striking presentation theme ‘The Promised Land’. The inspiration behind our designer collection of costumes for this year is based on the idea of unity and living in blissful harmony. Blending vibrant colours with cooler tones, feather plumes and gem stones has already proved a major success with our costumes selling fast. We have three costume sections this year each section consisting of one male: First section is Euphoria - which is describes as- Feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness. 

The luminous and pearlised colours just dazzle and scintillate in the light so beautifully. Second Section is Serenity - this section exhibits peace and calm. When looking as this section you are taken to a Serene place. Third Section is Zenith - this section is represented by peaceful whites and powerful gold hues topped with crystals and diamantes. Our aim is to bring Carnival culture and designs to a mass audience. Since inception, the team has worked tirelessly to put their island on the map, raising awareness and bringing Vincentian friends and relatives together not only through Carnival but other, locally based social events held throughout the year. We look forward to hearing from you Team Vincy Alliance Mas