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A word from the organisers…

Notting Hill Carnival has amongst the lowest arrest rates of any other comparable event in the UK (including the big festivals). However, Carnival is very much a microcosm of society and with crime, particularly violent crime on the rise across the nation we are working behind the scenes with our strategic partners to make Carnival as safe as we possibly can as organisers. You are our guests. Carnival is a community event despite its size and as our guests we ask that you take measures that will enhance what we are doing.


1.    Don’t wear expensive items of jewellery or bling

2.    Drink responsibly

3.    Plan your route home in advance

4.    Stay in groups of no less than two

5.    Do not accept drinks from strangers

6.    Do not bring any items that might be considered a dangerous weapon 

7.    Be respectful to the police and stewards – they are there to keep you safe

8.    Have a designated meeting point in case you get lost

9.    Remember that mobile phones may not have a signal

10.  Leave the area on or even before 7pm

11.  Respect the residents homes

12.  Respect public property

13.  Respect local businesses

14.  Use the toilets provided 

15.  Use recycling facilities where possible

16.  Do not leave with strangers

17.  Stay clear of the vehicles on the road