UK National Panorama Steelband Competition


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For the best part of an entire year the UK's top steelbands have been putting in the rehearsal hours and fine tuning their skills for the eagerly anticipated annual National Panorama competition; the most important date on the UK pan lovers’ calendar.

Panorama 2018 will see a total of six steelbands play a ten-minute composition from memory – no sheet music is allowed here!  So the pressure is on to deliver a perfect pan rendition. There's only one chance to impress the distinguished judges. One mistake and it's game over!

Panorama was established in 1978, and Ebony Steelband are the current reigning champions. This year they will be fending off the best the UK has to offer. Croydon, Mangrove, Metronomes, Phase One and Rapso will have upped the ante with the aim of claiming the coveted title of UK Panorama Champions for 2018.

For the first time, in addition to the judges' verdict, there will be an opportunity for the public to vote via the official NHC app. The People's Choice will close for voting at midnight. To be announced on Carnival Sunday, children's day. 

Competing steelbands can consist of up to 100 musicians, creating an energetic atmosphere for the audience. This year, there will be another first. In line with all Panorama competitions worldwide, the event will be a ticketed. With all 100% of monies raised equally split amongst all steelband members as a mark of appreciation and respect for their hard work, craft and performances on the night. This will also help them to recoup some of the costs incurred, something they have previously absorbed year on year. NHCL Executive Director, Matthew Phillip explains: 

"As organisers, NHCL champion and celebrate the carnival arts, we want to pay Panorama performers for their dedication to their art-form, for their contribution to the carnival arts and more specifically for their contribution to Notting Hill Carnival. As part of NHC, Panorama was established in 1978 and since then, to my knowledge, performers (up to 100 in a band) have not been valued in monetarily. This is not what happens globally at Panorama competitions, where ticketing is the norm, we felt it was time to address this here in the UK. We're proud to announce that 100% of all monies raised from ticket sales will be split equally amongst all six performing steelbands at Panorama 2018. We very much hope the community and all pan lovers will be happy to support the art of steelpan in this way."

Panorama competitions are traditionally open-air events and Notting Hill Carnival's Panorama is no exception. Watch the sun set, eat Caribbean street food and enjoy the sweet sound of pan while the steel bands get on with the serious business of impressing the judges and you the audience. The steelbands will proudly hold their ranked titles until next year … when we do it all again.


Entry Adults £5, Under 18s £1, Under 5s FREE!

In Advance

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Box Office from 3pm (Please arrive early to avoid disappointment)

Photography Credit: Pan Podium

Competing Steelbands

Croydon Steel Orchestra
Tune  Sweet Fuh Days
Arranger  Paul Dowie
Tuner  Emily Lemmerman
Manager  Paul Dowie


Ebony Steelband 
Tune  Hulk
Arranger  Duvonne Stewart
Tuner  Dudley Dickson
Manager  Albert Faustine
Captain  Chloe Iyayi


Mangrove Steelband
Tune  Hulk
Arranger  Andre White
Tuner  Birtrand “Butch” Kelman
Manager  Matthew Phillip
Captain  Andrew Facey


Metronomes Steel Orchestra
Tune  Ignorance
Arranger  Leroy Clarke
Tuner  Tousaint Clark, Grafton Yearwood
Manager  Everslie Mills
Captain  Roger Knight


Phase One Steelband
Tune  Hulk
Arranger  Stephon Phillip
Tuner  Victor Phillip
Manager  Beverly Phillip
Captain   JJ Mattu


Raspo Steelband
Tune  Mad Man by Marlon Abner
Arranger  Paul J Watson & Dani Richardson
Tuner  Paul J Watson
Manager  Mary Genis
Captain   Jamah Lynam

Panorama 2017

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