Notting Hill Carnival is happy to announce its inclusion in Vision 2025

What is Vision:2025?

The Green Events Code of Practice development has been led by the Vision: 2025 group, with extensive consultation across the outdoor live events industry during 2022. It is intended to establish best practice, provide clear and robust minimum standards, and shared targets for sustainability, understood and adopted by all stakeholders across the outdoor festival and events industry – event organisers, local authorities and supply chain.

The Code of Practice represents a science-based approach, aligned with existing frameworks and initiatives – global, national, and sector specific – see FAQs for the full list.

Development of the Code has been financially supported by the Purple Guide Grant Fund (managed by the EIF), the Association of Independent Festival’s (AIF), Festival Republic and Superstruct, and is supported by LIVE, the trade body for the UK music industry and the Local Authority Event Organisers Association (LAEOG).

The code is currently a working draft. Further consultation is underway, and work is ongoing with local authorities to understand the use cases and implementation.