Our Mission: To build on Notting Hill Carnival's continuing successes, and to produce a safe and spectacular event

As official organisers we undertake to:

  • Efficiently co-ordinate, support and facilitate the multiple events that make up Notting Hill Carnival.

  • Honour, Protect and Promote the heritage of Carnival.

  • Re-invigorate ‘Children’s Day’.

  • Promote the Carnival Art Forms, facilitating and disseminating the delight and inspiration that Notting Hill Carnival provides.

  • Deliver an event of immense value both culturally and economically.

  • Create robust and accountable internal organisation and infrastructure.

  • Effectively work with the local community, strategic partners, stakeholders, relevant agencies and bodies.

  • Protect and increase audience reach and engagement.

  • Implement practical and lasting measures to improve on the performers’ and public’s experience.